When we started our work as an assistance company 2012, it became clear to us that modern business cannot develop without building long-term relationships with customers, combining all channels of communication and ensuring the information preservation.
The Customer Relationship Management program is a suitable tool for this.
System details
In the information technologies’ market, there is a large number of offers for the acquisition and further support of the company’s CRM program. Considering these offers and knowing all the needs and possible challenges of our business, we realized that there is no ideal product
That’s why we’ve decided to create a program that will best meet our needs, perform and control the whole business processes, so as to avoid mistakes and increase profits. Created by our programmers, the CRM program «QUARK» is an ideal tool for the work of any assistant or insurance company. The program’s functionality allows to build interaction with the client at all service stages. The program itself systematizes and organizes all applications, notifying you about it, while the whole workflow is integrated into a single system, to avoid working with a large number of paper documents.

Distinctive abilities
After configurating the program, an embedded module of the Email Server enters the data into the case from the e-mail by automatically filling in some standard fields in the database.
Control over all work stages with the possibility of automated and non-automated sending of messages (sms and emails).
Import of the customer's payment and its automated comparison with the subsequent entry of this payment into the database, as well as performing the payment of the provider’s bills in the database, with the possibility of distributing the detailed amounts for each specific service with automatic tracking of the negative balance and profit. In this case, the detailed payment is registered for a specific payment source (bank account, mutul financial settlement, cash payment, etc.).
Balances of economic relations separately for each customer and service provider, as well as summary tables for all customers and service providers by years, months, days and regions.
Possibility for each customer and service provider to register the data of more than one company for conducting accounting practices
Tracking each employee’s salary, taking into account salary, bonuses and any other information.
Cyber security solutions and hacker protection software.
Offline PDF editor.
Telephony, recording phone calls and their subsequent recalling from the database; online & offline monitoring of all phone numbers and all call center channels; outgoing calls from the web browser; linking all calls to relevant cases in the program database.
Our experts will help you implement and configure the CRM program according to the real needs of your company, as well as provide you with further technical support and functionality updates.
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