Medical evacuation and repatriation
Medical and transport services belong to our core business areas. Our specialists promptly and carefully study every situation that requires patient transportation: from budgeting and paperwork to monitoring the patient at all stages of treatment and rehabilitation.
Medical transport services
Resuscitation vehicle
All possible types of transportation: by plane (regular or charter flight), by ship or ferry, by train
Air ambulance (medical helicopter or ambulance aircraft)
Hotels & tickets booking
Medical equipment rental
Delivery of medications
Medical personnel involved in the evacuation have the appropriate specialization, a medical license and personal insurance. We carry out medical evacuations and transportation of any complexity.
Rental housing with medical support
Repatriation of remains
Preparation of necessary documentation
Registration of normative acts
Interaction with authorities and third parties
Working with government agencies
Preparation of consular documents
Dealing with transportation issues
Unfortunately, sometimes there are cases of death of tourists abroad. This is always a great tragedy for the relatives of the insured person. The repatriation of remains requires experience, precision, attention and knowledge of regulations.
From the moment the need for repatriation arises, one of our experienced employees switches to round-the-clock telephone availability, ready to continuously inform the relatives of the deceased. We interact with third parties, the mortuary, the police, medical institutions, embassies and consular departments and prepare all the necessary documents.
Medfron Assistance
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