Assistance companies

Assistance companies

Medfron Assistance has a developed infrastructure for providing its partners with the quickest and easiest access, to the extent practicable, to the entire complex of medical, technical, information support and auxiliary services.

Medical assistance

Provision of medical assistance to travelers, out-patient visits, in-patient examination and treatment, dental care, ambulance services and other medical services.

A hotel or house call by a doctor / Ambulance services / Hospitalization / In-patient examination and treatment / Consultation of a general practice physician by phone (on a 24-hour basis) / Provision of information on administering first aid prior to arrival of the medics / Guarantee of payment for out-patient treatment and hospitalization

Medical evacuation

Medical-transportation services represent one of our core lines of activity. Our specialists promptly and attentively study each case requiring the patient's transportation, from preparation of a cost estimate to supervision of the patient at all stages of treatment and rehabilitation.

Intensive care ambulance / Transportation by plane (on a regular or charter flight) / Transportation by ship or ferry / Aerial ambulance (a specially-equipped helicopter or aero-medical aircraft) / Transportation of patients by train

Medical personnel participating in an evacuation always have a corresponding specialization, a legal work permit and a personal insurance. We perform medical evacuations and transportation of any complexity.

Repatriation of remains

Unfortunately, tourists traveling abroad are not immune to an accidental death. It is always a tragedy for the family of the insured person. Repatriation of the remains requires experience, precision, attention and knowledge of regulatory acts. Once the need in repatriation arises, an experienced employee of our company becomes accessible by phone on a 24-hour basis and is ready to keep the relatives of the diseased continuously informed about the situation. We interact with third parties, the morgue, the police, medical institutions, embassies and consulates, and prepare all the documents required.

Preparation of the necessary documentation / Drafting of regulatory acts / Interaction with the authorities and third parties / Dealing with the government authorities / Preparation of consular documents / Dealing with matters relating to transportation of the body

Legal support and services

Sometimes, an insured person has to interact with the official authorities of the country he is visiting. This interaction, which may be due to problems with the law or a local insurance company, requires additional costs associated with the services of lawyers, representatives and interpreters. Our company may organize such services for an insured client.

A free initial consultation of our lawyer by phone / Protection of client's rights in difficult situations – in a traffic accident, loss of documents / Protection of the Insurer's interests in court in the course of a judicial proceeding / Assistance in filing a report to the police / Presence of a lawyer in the court room (under a power of attorney)

Technical assistance

In the event of an accidental car breakdown, when a transport vehicle is immobilized or is involved in a traffic accident, each driver wants to get qualified assistance as quick as possible. Technical assistance services provided by our company allow drivers to minimize their financial costs.

Message reception and client identification / Call of traffic police and ambulance / Technical assistance on the road / Transportation to a car service center / Car rent / Driver services

Miscellaneous services

This type of assistance comprises such services as baggage reclaim, lost documents assistance, transmission of emergency messages, organization of relatives' visit to provide care after the patient, sending children to the home country, organization of hotel stay pending recuperation and other services.

Translation and legalization of medical documentation / Banking services and arrangement of payment guarantees / Lost documents and luggage assistance / Organization of round trips for the patient's relatives / Organization of accommodation and transfer services

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