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Standby support of public events

Medfron Assistance offers standby support services at public events organized in the regions where you operate.

We can ensure standby medical support and provision of urgent medical assistance during the conduct of the following public events:

Спортивные соревнования 4_small


Корпоративные праздники 1_small


Конференции и симпозиумы 6_small

Conferences and symposia

Фестивали и концерты 4_small

Concerts and festivals

Детские праздники 6_small


Standby support services comprise the following options

  • Provision of medical transport vehicles (the exact number of ambulances to be specified by the client) with rapid response teams consisting of a doctor, a paramedic and a driver;
  • Provision of intensive care ambulances (where necessary, with the exact number to be specified by the client) with a medical team consisting of a critical care physician, a paramedic and a driver;
  • Assigning subspecialists, as may be required in accordance with the nature of a given public event, for example, a traumatic surgeon, on rapid response teams;
  • Selecting, purchasing and packaging of first-aid kits as required by the client;
  • Deployment of a temporary medical station (a specialized tent) on sites where public events are to be held, and assigning on-duty physicians of the required profile and paramedical personnel;
  • Organizing a round-the-clock standby watch near locations where the participants of a given public event are to stay (to ensure the possibility of receiving medical assistance on a 24-hour basis);
  • Organizing consultations, medical treatment and diagnostics at the clinics in the locality where the public event is to be held, where such services cannot be provided by on-duty rapid response teams;
  • Organizing urgent hospitalization in medical institutions in the locality where the public event is to be held, taking into account the profile of a given disease or injury and/or client's wishes;
  • Transportation (by road vehicle or aircraft) to medical institution in another city, region or country.

In addition, Medfron Assistance offers the services of a medical event manager, i.e., the company's employee who is assigned to public event sites to ensure coordination of medical support for the entire period desired.

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