Rehabilitation in Greece

In Greece, rehabilitation is integrated. This means that recuperative rehabilitation programs use approaches and methods from diverse fields of knowledge and involve participation of physicians, psychologists, teachers, medical personnel, diet experts and cooks. These programs offer a customized dietary regime, rest and leisure, medicinal and physiotherapeutic treatment regimes, etc.

Rehabilitation centers are using modern robotic system-based methods for safe walking, for upper limbs, for the early rehab stage of neurological patients, for analysis and teaching equilibrium as well as the methodologies for:

Транскраниальная стимуляция 1_small1

Transcranial stimulation

Физиотерапевтическое оборудование 2_small2

Physiotherapeutic equipment

Лечебного-бассейна гидрокинезотерапии 2_small3


Нейрофункциональная реорганизация мозга 1_small4

Brain neuro-functional reorganization

Advantages of rehabilitation in Greece

  • Rehabilitation and recuperative treatment in Greece is carried out at major rehabilitation centers certified to international standards, equipped with the latest appurtenances and robotic technology.
  • Integrated rehabilitation programs comprise various types of medicinal, physiotherapeutic and balneological treatment, psychotherapy, diet therapy, social adaptation and organization of active leisure.
  • High professional level of care in these centers is provided at affordable prices.

Rehabilitation and recuperative treatment comprises

After an analysis of medical trial data and consultations with specialists, Medfron Assistance will offer specific customized programs stating the price and duration of treatment in the best Greek rehabilitation center to all people in need of rehabilitation.

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