Tourist companies

Tourist companies

Our company offers to insure your clients with a partner underwriter at a competitive price, and provides assistance within the framework of the insurance package at an attractive price for the underwriter.

Insuring clients of a tourist company

To apply for a Schengen tourist visa, the tourist must furnish evidence of an insurance coverage, i.e., an insurance policy for the period of trip. Accordingly, all tourist packages comprise an insurance. In turn, underwriters provide assistance to tourists serviced by a given operator through assistance services – which is also done by our company.

How to calculate the price of an insurance policy?

The price of an insurance policy depends on a number of factors such as insurance coverage, insurance program, age of the insured, number of insured days, and many others. However, a crucial factor for a tourist company to approve the price of insurance for a client relates to the price of services in the regions serviced by the tour operator.

For example, a house call by a doctor (involving an examination) in Austria would cost approximately €120, in Spain - €100, in Greece - €90, in Hungary - €60 and in Turkey - €40.

Underwriters always consider this fact and propose an insurance package price depending on the tourist destination of a given operator.

Therefore, assistance to insured tourists is laid upon an assistance company that can actually guarantee lower possible costs for a given underwriter. This is exactly why underwriters frequently use the services of various assistance companies that successfully operate in specific regions.

Our company can guarantee lower tour operator costs associated with tourist insurance.

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