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Wellness and therapeutic tours to Greece

Wellness and therapeutic tours to Greece are becoming increasingly popular across the world. In a remarkable manner, they combine rest with health promotion. To a certain extent, rest in its own right promotes health improvement. However, uncontrollable and unsystematic procedures may be harmful even if done at the most expensive spas.

Undoubtedly, customized wellness programs demonstrate excellent results. They are relatively cheap and can be used for maintaining an optimal state of health. They include spa procedures, physiotherapy, special diets, phytotherapy, biologically active dietary supplements, therapeutic exercises, diverse methods of relaxation, control of body mass in combination with active rest and many other components.

What is the advantage and attractiveness of wellness programs in Greece?

  • While Greece is plagued by an economic crisis, as a modern European country, it offers an optimal value for money and is characterized by high quality of services catering for every taste and budget.
  • A prototype of the Mediterranean diet, the healthy Greek food makes its contribution to health promotion and is believed to be one of the factors promoting the longevity of the country's indigenous population.
  • The wonderful, mild Mediterranean climate, the sun and sea are powerful health promotion factors, therefore, it is hardly surprising that the number of long-living people in Greece is greater than anywhere in Europe.
  • В With more than 2000 islands, pristine sea coast with crystal-clear water, sandy beaches, grottoes and bays with a total coastline of more than 15000 km, lakes and mountain resorts, Greece provides an excellent opportunity for organizing diverse tourist programs.
  • The transport infrastructure is well-developed: many airports and the national road network ensure quick and convenient access to any resort and facilitate pleasant day trips to various landmark sites for which the country is renown.
  • Greece is blessed with mineral, hot springs and therapeutic mud. Due to its unique location near the sea, forests and mountain massifs, a year-round warm climate, wellness programs are available at any time of year.
  • The ancient history and culture of Greece provide an opportunity to combine recuperation with active rest and fascinating excursions to the ancient Meteora monasteries, the islands of Corfu, Patmos, Euboea, etc. the Athos mountain – the cradle of the Orthodox Christianity, the Acropolis and Delphi.

Organizing specialized and unscheduled medical treatment in the country's most modern medical centers: cardio surgery, endoprosthesis replacement, robotized surgery, in vitro fertilization, childbirth and many others.

Офтальмология 6_small


Кардиология 6_small


Онкология 7_small


Ортопедия 5_small


Гинекелогия 3_small


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Greece is a country where relatively low prices for diagnostics and medical treatment go together with high professional level of medicine that uses innovative methods and high-tech equipment, allowing it to successfully compete with the leading medical centers of Israel and Germany. At your disposal are the best accredited clinics that hold international quality certificates and are equipped with modern medical equipment.

Робот-хирург Da Vinci 4_small

Da Vinci robot surgeon

Da Vinci robot-assisted surgery system used for making surgical operations.
Томографическая система 3_small

Tomography system

A tomographic system including a PET scanner / SPECT gamma camera / for TEP / for gamma tomography of the entire body.
Томограф Somatom 1_small

Magnetic tomography device

Tesla MPT devices for obtaining medical images for analysis of internal parts and body tissues.
Томограф Somatom 3_small

Somatom tomography device

An advanced Somatom spiral computed tomography device (128 cross-sections per second) with a radiation exposure reduced by 50%.
Ультразвуковые аппараты 2_small

Ultrasonic devices

Latest-generation ultrasonic devices including a 3D ultrasonic cardiograph.
Линейные ускорители 2_small

Linear accelerators

Linear accelerator systems based on the latest technology that can be used for treatment of IMRT and IGRT.

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